From labour to action, from individuals to communities

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Is the future of work shifting from the institutions to the individuals?

Self-employed and temporary workers together make up 20% of workforce in the UK. In fact, self-employed workers as a category has grown 3x as fast as traditional full time work, and made up a third of all jobs gained since the 2008 financial crisis. In large part, this was driven by necessity rather than choice, with over half joining from unemployment or inactivity, and average earning lagging behind traditional full time jobs.

This is coupled with a burgeoning trend termed the Passion Economy, where a new generation of…

As a society, how can we build and scale trust quickly?

According to World Bank’s estimate, almost 1 billion people globally lack any form of legal identity. At the same time, over 4.5 billion of the world population uses the internet, with this number growing at a rate of 7% last year. Covid has further accelerated this integration of our physical and digital worlds — data regarding our identity and behaviour online have become the fuel of the digital economy, enabling provision of increasingly personalised offerings and value creation. On the other hand, Big Tech continues to dominate our online presence — detailed user profiling and associated privacy concerns have risen…

Content discovery ought to be more intentional

Everything will become commerce — from broadcasting to intercepting our search intent, capturing our content discovery journey, to becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. Advertisers and products are competing in a crowded attention economy, seeking to be relevant and be perceived as value-add for viewers and users. Facebook’s ventures into payment, Pinterest’ mix of image search and commerce, Tik Tok’s reach via entertainment, and Alexa and Google’s fight over our home & voice space — all have a common objective in mind — to be the gateway of where users spend their time and to embed commerce in all contents…

Sarah Wong

Exploring the intersection of technology, sociology, and psychology

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